Lightsys 2 control panels, Lightsys plus control panel, and all alarm accessories, Kocom Video Intercom

Our Services

Lightsys 2 Control Panel

We are the Official appointed distributors of Risco group products.

Cables & Accessories

We are the Official Apppointed distributors of Jing Hua Manufacturer products.


We have quality and reliable batteries.

Fire Alarm Systems

We are the official appointed distributors of C-TEC Fire Alarm Systems and products.

CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems

We are the official appointed distributors of  HIK VISION CCTV Surveillance system manufacturers.

Razor Wire Fencing

Our Razor Wire Fences both electric and non electric have been trusted industry wide.

Access Control systems

We are the official appointed distributors of Kocom , ZK Tech .The biggest providers of access control solutions.

Troubleshooting and Installation

Our team has been trained around the world in countries such as  Dubai – Checkpoint Systems, Risco- Israel, Hik Vision – China, CTEC – UK, Nemtek – Kenya.

RF and AM Article Surveillance Systems

We are the official appointed distributors of Check point and Garrett.The biggest manufacturers of electronic surveillance solutions.

Why us?

We got the products

We have stock on the latest products and technologies from the largest security providers.

Certified Staff

All our staff are professionals with hands on experience on security systems .

Competitive Pricing

We offer high quality products at very competitive prices for both purchase and installation.

Product Guarantee

All our products and technology are sourced from top manufacturers of high quality solutions .

20 Years Experience

We have quickly grown and established our dominance in the security systems domain across East Africa.

Technical Support

We dispatch teams to troubleshoot and maintain previous installations as well as advise on new upgrades required to maintain security standards.