Health Safety and Environment (HSE) line of business is of paramount important especially now
that the whole world is aspiring for safe operations. We have a core focus in all safety aspects
which include consultancy, audits, training and monitoring. We aim at making our client,
operations and those that work with him to be safe.
Experience has shown that over 80% of unsafe acts or substandard operations that people do,
are the result of factors which Management has direct control. Such factors include risk
assessment and control, task procedures, people training to be able to run operations safely,
We at Security World Technology find ourselves having a major role to play in filling the HSE
gap which has existed in most organizations over time. We assist Organizations in building a
safety culture that cuts across from Management, employees, contractors, its customers, and
those surrounding their operations.
Our area of expertise is rooted in offering consultancy and training services as follows:

>HSE System development and its Management.
>Security and safety systems design, Installation, testing and commissioning.
>Risk assessment in various aspects.
>Risk Register development.
>Health Safety and Environment (HSE) audit and inspections.
>Incident investigation (Root cause analysis).
>Emergency/Disaster response plans development, training and drills.
>HSE guide in construction sites.
>Legal Register Development.
>Legal compliance audit.

>HSE related trainings.
>Fire related equipment identification and usage.
>Fire fighting (theory and practical) for Corporate & Domestic Level.
>Emergency preparedness plans applications and practices.
>Legal liability to employers from HSE point of view.
>Defensive driving.
>Fatigue Management.
>Pump attendants for retail sites training.

>Oil spill Management.
>Management of change.